Monday, July 21, 2008

Tomorrow, Beautiful Pictures and All!

Nope, I didn't call anyone.
Nope, I didn't e-mail anyone.
Nope, I sure didn't update no blogs.

I was running and I was walking and I was napping, and after 27:36 some dude done swiped my after race bag, which contained my cell phone.

Now this cell phone isn't anything great, it's old as cell phones get these days, no camera, no video, nothing special.... except these two things 1) It got great reception, even in the Vermont Mountains, and 2) It had all my numbers in it. Dave, I wanted to call you, but you aint listed. I wanted to call my Ali girl, but I don't know here number either. I didn't know anyone's, so, I was out of luck!

So, guys and dolls, write those important numbers down in case some numskull (pronounced numb nuts) walks off with your after race bag with your phone in it (darn, my sporty Arkansas Jacket was in that bag too, it had my ninth place finish listed on it, signs from this weekend's results say I'll never do that again!)

But hey, once I'm up and running again, you guys call me, I'll plug your numbers back in my phone, and BAM! I'll even write them down (well I might) this time and we'll be flush. Oh, and as for Vermont, well, long post tomorrow, but I'm still in it baby, I'm still slammin'. You can't kill the Rooster!


Chase Squires said...

Damn Straight, MutherF****R! Can't keep the Rooster down, what you need is some P***y! Whoo!

Dude, what dickhead ... this sport is going to the dogs ... I seay we start running 200s, instead of these wimpy 100s, that'll weed out the crackheads.


(offended types need to look up David Sedaris' take on The Rooster, his brother) whoo!

AndyMan said...

David Sedaris rocks! Can't kill the Rooster!

superdave524 said...

Pastry, Chase? Andy needs some pastry?

I remember playing a game of pick-up basketball at Florida State. Some p.o.s. stole my Sewanee football letterjacket (well, it was a windbreaker, but it still said "1979 College Athletic Conference Champs" on it, and it was my link to having played college football (well, Division III. Whatever)). Sewanee's a small school; so, when I saw a black female wearing my jacket, I was pretty sure it wasn't hers or her boyfriend's. I asked her when she went to Sewanee. She'd never heard of it. I told her she or her boyfriend had stolen my jacket, but she must be mighty poor, and if she needed it that badly, she could keep it. Merry Christmas. I shoulda fought her for it or called the police, but I just let her keep it.

A-Man, didn't you chase (no, not Chase), some kid who was wearing an "A. Mathews" Leto H.S. football jersey through the projects?

superdave524 said...

Oh, and I got your Rooster right here.

AndyMan said...

I saw some young lad playing no blood no foul basket ball in the College Hill projects soon after said jersey disappeared from my locker at school, wearing my Vikings jersey but, as I had no receipt (and was out numbered mulitple to one)I figured it was best to donate said jersey.

I don't feel the same away about my phone, I'd like it back. I can buy another Arkansas Jacket (I hope)

Can't kill the Rooster!

The Professor said...

Sounds like Andy had some bad luck with kids...chasing them around in HS and shoving them off his toes at Vermont. Like Guns 'n Roses said, "Get in the ring mother****er!!!"

Anonymous said...

I have your phone and I'm running back to California with it as I type this with my calves.

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

One down, three to go. You ROCK Aman! You earned the "S."

I just wish you would have remembered how damn difficult that course was!!! I kept saying to myself, "What the hell was I thinking???"

AndyMan said...

We like to think because we train in FLA nothing is going to be too hot for us, but that humidity was killer! I've done 12 100's now, and that was by far the worst weather, we did super! I'm so pround of you and heck all of us!

I'm posting pictures real soon, today even.

Roger said...


I know you're not proud of me and it breaks my underachieveing little heart :(

But you did ROCK. Way to get up from the dirt nap and bring it home!

AndyMan said...

Roger, I'm very proud of you! Very proud, you held your head up, you were a lot of fun to be with. Man, they pulled you, what are you gonna do! Like your card from E and P said, it's about making it to the starting line, the right way, and YOU DID THAT! You did it the right way, not the wong way!