Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Club in the Park

How good of an idea is this?Open Mike night at a comedy club in a trailer park, what a concept.

Talk about a baited field for rednecks! Let's see there was the black dude, Sloan, who was actually pretty funny, but he said he felt like a raisin in a bowl of milk (the audience was not ethnically diverse.) He was looking for another black guy just so we could have two scoops!

Then there was my favorite, the 40 something old Texas woman who sang the IBS song. And she felt the need to point out that IBS stands for I Be Sh*tting!

And IBS'ing you not, fulling 1/3 of the audience, led by Bob who's wife is a full-blood Cuban (information I know I couldn't have lived without) got ejected for being too intoxicated and rowdy. Well, at least it wasn't a long walk home!

Wow, Clearwater, Florida, cultural Mecca, who knew?

Oh, and I ran 15 miles this morning with the Beckster, Happy Birthday Becky! My legs felt great and my toes held up well. Leadville, here I come. I'll be obsessing on that for the next 2.75 weeks, I promise :-)


Chase Squires said...

Dude, you couldn't find ANYTHING better to do? Oh, right, it's Tampa Bay, my bad ... :-)

As for Leadville, you better obsess, try walking around while breathing through a straw.

Star said...

Hey, I thought Becky was going to the beach to recover. Well, I guess you can't keep a good girl down. Becky either. God Bless!

AndyMan said...

God Bless Star. God Bless Chase. God Bless the Vacation Resort RV Park!

superdave524 said...

Interesting combo, to be sure. You can't tell me that's no damn comedian. He sure don't sound like no damn comedian...