Thursday, July 17, 2008

Song of the Week #40, I'm Diggin' It!

Billie Holliday made it famous.
Frank Sinatra sang it too.
But I really like the Betty Carter Version of Moonlight in Vermont:

It is so beautiful here.

It's one of the states that I would consider after Ali graduates from TC. Pretty cool, when I was up there in 2005 I attended "Solarfest" a symposium on renewable energy. They also had live music. I saw the Duhks and Dar Williams, pretty good stuff.

But my favorite thing about Vermont was this bumper sticker, it was everywhere:

And this pamplet, suggesting Vermont scede from the union, was being handed out at the symposium:

They also fight Wallmart, Target and the other big box stores at every turn, and with only 500,000 people, our 14th State can talk about things like a living wage.

Besides, these guys

Are from there.

Only one big drawback.... this guy:

Howard Duck Dean is from there and when the Dems lose the election in 2008, it'll be his fault, the dumbunny!
But, hey, I guess Vermont didn't want him to be the guy that was unemployed. Course I got a job for him: Hey Duck, Drop and give me 20!


superdave524 said...

The Republicans have screwed up the Country so badly that it is possible that not even the Democrats can prevent the Democrats from winning (though, truly, if anyone can, they can).

kate said...

I wanna pictures of your naked...feet. Chase's are always so gross and nasty after a run. What are your piggies like?

For two nice guys, this running thing is insane.

Seriously now.