Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tail on the Scale

We (we being me) won't get discouraged.

You may have noticed I stayed away from the report last week, due to the cancellation of WS 100 I didn't get in all of the exercise I wanted and got in much more drinking than I wanted!

So, here's the latest: I'm up two pounds (to 174,) but I was probably up 5 after WS, yes, I drank that much! But, I feel great (oh, how I wish someone would confirm that, "yes, I've felt him and he feels great!"), and I'm on the right track.

Short term goal: 172 for Vermont. Long term goal, good health.


Chase Squires said...

Andy, just think, move out here and we can hydrate together all the time! Imagine the shape you'll be in!!

I've got a great rock and roll show lined up for Friday night, Single File (and their hit song, "Zombies ate my neighbor") and then, up bright and early for a drive up to Leadville on Sat. a.m. and the High Mountain 50k ... hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

superdave524 said...

174? To quote Curley from City Slickers, "I crap bigger than that".