Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh Alisa, you're so Bad...water

Hey, don't forget to follow my Key West 100 buddy, and Leadville 100 pacer/crew #85 Alisa Springman as she does the Journey on the Sun, the Badwater Ultra Marathon, 135 miles from Death Valley to Mr. Whitney. You could also check in on Dr. Jack Butterick. He's bib #57

Badwater starts this morning and cutoff's 60 hours later, sometime on Wednesday. OUCH!

Don't know why they do it, course some people don't understand why I put with that kind of pain either, yes, I mean..... teaching school!


Chase Squires said...

Badwater? Isn't that what Walkin' Roger helped us avoid?

... Now there's a race that I can't imagine ever wanting to attempt. Ever.

Star said...

She crazy.

But what I really like is your "The Week's Workouts" have 99 miles on Saturday and 1 on if my simple math is working, you'll finish with a buckle.

But AMAN! LOSE the PROJECTED!!! (I'm going to start charging you for sports psych have a $15.00 credit already!).

AndyMan said...

Chase, good answer, yes Walkin' Roger kept us from Badwater with his Jarvic 7 filter.

Star, I'm shocked you noticed the projected. I was just kidding, yes, I will get the buckle, but speed (amount U 24) is no importante para me!

Lynne said...


If Andy does finish by his projection, he will only beat his personal best time by 27 seconds.

I think he will get the job done on Saturday.

superdave524 said...

Did somebody say Badfinger?

AndyMan said...

Lynne shhhh, don't tell anybody I have a personal best! I'm laying low, and picking off the competition one at a time. I set Andy B, Patrick and Roger up in a hotel that is ripe with Legionaires disease, they'll never catch on before race time.

I'm buying a case and 1/2 of Steel Reserve Beer (in the pretty silver can) and leaving it under Jon's bed with a note that says, Andy's Beer, do not touch, he'll be throwing them back like they were asprin!)

Fortunatly, Star and Candi are running the 100K, so no worries there.

As for Becky, Woody, Tracy and the Prof, hmmm, I'll have to reset their alarm clocks to get a little head start.

hey, this plan is gonna work great!

Arlene said...

Any smoke in the forecast for Vermont?

BTW...I can't remember when the last time was that I ran only ONE mile on a Sunday.. ;)

AndyMan said...

Hey Arlene, Ali and I made your bracelet! I'll be in Temple Terrace tomorrow, maybe I could do a drop off?

Hey, our girl Alisa has moved up to like 14th place after 41 miles, that's great! Go Alisa, you rock!!!

Arlene said...

Sorry, guy, I just got the message about the bracelet. It wouldn't have worked anyway....I was in a TBR meeting.

If you are not going to be in Carrollwood on Wed night, we can get it together when you get back from Vermont.

Thank you for the quick service!