Thursday, July 3, 2008

Been There, Done.... Nothing!

We've all heard it; "Been there, done that!"
As for me, I've been there, but I haven't done Jack!

In case you haven't noticed my counter, ticker, wall scratchings, have gone from a low of 70, back up to 101 days left in the Slam.
No, I didn't get added time for bad behavior, it was someone else's fault (isn't it always) I SWEAR! I was at the race (been there) it didn't happen (done nothing, good argument against tapering right there), so that added a race on the back end (30 more days in the slam for good behavior!)
How does this effect my Slam chances? I have no idea. On one hand Arkansas is easier than W States (weather not withstanding), but on the other hand, I can't imagine doing a race after Wasatch (that sucker looks harder than Dick Cheney's arteries!)

But, as we've stated in this town many times before, if they had to tack one on the back end, I'm glad it is Arkansas, a course I know and at which do well. Well, I guess that's why they call it the Slam, there is no easy time. Stay tuned.


Chase Squires said...

nice story in the Times! and I love how some idiot posted, gee, like he thought you had never heard of the Slam ...

AndyMan said...

Hey just because Dave says I'm an amazing guy you call him an idiot, or were you talking about Bruce, who said if you don't do WS it's not the Slam, oh, well, he's just a moron!