Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey Slam Fans, There is an S in Vermont!

At the Scenic Overlook, just before we plunged down, quickly, at mile 29. Grandslam candidate from California, Chihping, Scott from CT, we ran far together a great guy and finisher!, Mark Jackson an excellent dude from Melbourne, Florida, don't know what happened with Mark, hope to see him at Croom this year, The Good Doctor, Candi Ashley :-), and some dude.

Well, I lost my S in California, but I found it again in Vermont, but I lost my phone. All things equal, I'd rather have my S!

I found a lot of things in Vermont besides my S.

I found a resolve I didn't know I had. It's easy to keep going and keep smiling when everything is going well, it's that adversity that tells you something about yourself. How will you react?

Well, I learned a lot about myself in Vermont, and I liked most of what I learned. I learned that you can't kill the Rooster! I learned that the Rooster aint all of that, but he may just be enough. I also learned that I have some really great friends with huge hearts and amazing abilities.

I took some cool audio during the run but don't have a clue on how to post it, I'd love to combine that with my pictures and make a slideshow, if anyone can help... for now, here are some pictures:
My good friend Jon, he got a sub-24 buckle, Way to Go!!

The Beautiful Andrea finished her first 100K

A Florida contingent pre-race: Pam, Candi (3rd female in 100k!), Adam (2 x100 finished in 3 months for him!), Tracy (finished her first 100 M!) AMan (1 down, 3 to go), Elaine (helped Andrea finish, thank you, thank you!), Becky (redemption from last year, opened up a can of Whop @ss on tha course and finished her first 100M), bottom row, Andrea, Patrick (finished his first 100M), Roger (fast through 47, but pulled by an evil doctor for weight loss, like the commercial says Roger, you gotta eat!), and the star of the day Andy Barrett, led the Florida Ultrarunners with a sub-24 finish in his first ever attempt at the distance, way to go Andy!!)

On the right is Arkansas Race director and fellow Slammer Chrissy Ferguson.
On the left is fellow Slammer from Illinois, Julie Aistars

The good Doctor with Susie from Austrailia
The Pride of Topeka and fellow Slammer, Willie Lambert

This poor fella was having some chaffing
issues at mile 60, yes, those are his undies he's running in! I offered him my fresh shorts from my drop bag, I think he called it a day instead.

Unlike at Croom, horses, riders and runners get along great at Vermont!

One welcomed sign!

Believe me you don't want to see what's under those bandages. If you are sane and like your feet never run 100 Miles (especially not 4 times!)


Chase Squires said...

Wow, feet look pretty nice there!

Grats to all, sounds like a fun run, good to know The Rooster lives in all parts of the country! Whoo!

Roger said...

Look good, smell bad. Cover those dogs up! And hey, go find yourself a toenail while you're at it.

AndyMan said...

Fun, er, we had a fun time, but the run, no it was little fun. in-damn-sightful, but besides Andy B, I didn't see anyone having fun.

Arlene said...

Yuk! Betcha won't be putting shoes on any time soon. Now I know what to get you for your birthday....TAPE! I hope that you lost some weight running 100 miles? Gives you a head start on reaching the 160.

Sorry to hear about the phone AMan. I'd be incommunicado without mine since I don't memorize numbers anymore. I'll give you a call when you get a new phone. You don't even have to talk to me; just save the number.

BTW...how many times did you look at the bracelet?

Good job guy!

Anonymous said...

Those feet are hot..almost as hot as my pecs.

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

They're feet Lieutenant, not roses.

AndyMan said...

Destin Foot Powder SuperD?
Arlene, tonight, C'Wood, your bracelet? I would not have made it without mine, I'm sure there were several out there that used theirs as well. Including AndyB.

Chase, there's a foot story in there you'd appreciate, but I'm not going to tell it (now).