Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Badwater = Badwomen!

On the Left is our girl Alisa she was amazing! 20th overall in 37:21 (that's hours and minutes yall, not minutes and seconds!) On the right is Denver's own, Jamie Donaldson, she was 1st female of the opposite sex and 3rd OA in a blazing 26:51!

For the sake of my very good friends, E, P, Becky, Candi, Andrea, June, Tracy, Michelle and Chrissy, I hope the Badwater trend continues at Vermont. What trend? Well how about this 5 or the top 10 were females and 8 of the top 15! Impressive, very impressive!

Now, women rock and women rule, and they are my favorite and all that, but the men weren't invisible. The winner was California's Jorge Pacheco, in get this, 23:21. That less than one day to go 135 Miles from Death Valley 1/2 way up Mt. Whitney.
I've met Jorge several times, he's a buddy of my California friend Michelle Barton (who may win Vermont, you know I'm cheering for her) and a nicer guy you won't meet.

And the FU Runners were very well represented by Dr Jack Butterick. He finished another Badwater, in 33rd place in a stellar time of 41:36, that's another Buckle (you have to go under 48 to Buckle at Badwater) for the 57 year old (way to go Booooy!) Tampa Physician.

It's amazin' the stuff you can get by pluggin' the simple phrase, "Women Rule" in to google.

(geez, Roger, Jon, Prof, AndyB, Patrick any thoughts? I mean, this trend had me cheering for Dean to hang in there, Too late, he got chicked! He finished 4th)


Roger said...

Badwomen? Intriguing. Tell me more.

AndyMan said...

Did I say bad? I meant SUPERBAD! Pam Reed just passed Karno at 91 miles, to move in to 3rd place. The battle for first is a virtual stalemate through 121. Wow, exciting stuff!

And my girl Alisa hangs tough in 14th place. Go Alisa go~

AndyMan said...

Pacheco Jorge m 40 Los Angeles California USA MEX 1000 2:16 5:32 10:30 14:19 20:40 22:26 23:20:16

2 2 Konya Akos m 33 Oceanside California USA HUN 1000 2:16 5:41 11:10 15:03 20:57 22:58 23:49:44

3 17 Donaldson Jamie f 33 Littleton Colorado USA USA 1000 2:40 6:55 13:54 18:26 23:44 25:48 26:51:33

4 4 Karnazes Dean m 45 San Francisco California USA USA 1000 2:21 6:28 13:03 18:05 23:48 26:06 27:11:00

5 11 Reed Pamela f 47 Tucson Arizona USA USA 1000 2:37 7:00 13:44 17:56 24:02 26:31 27:42:52

Women take 3 and 5, not too shabby. Man, I don't want to do that race, but if I do, I'll need a crew. Lemme check on Alisa, I'll be right back.....
She's 21st of 80. At 25:04 through 90 hot miles.

superdave524 said...

Women do rule. Life is easier when you understand that. For reasons beyond my understanding (and certainly beyond their own), they continue to tolerate men.

Alice_Cooper , not the most politically correct individual, got this (doubt he got much else).

AndyMan said...

SuperD, so you know how to put links in your comments, well I don't. Share, please share!

Just me said...

Saw Alice Cooper in concert when I was in 7th or 8th grade...I still don't know what in the world made my parents think it was a good idea to let me go to see Alice Cooper in concert at that age. Likely the same thing that made them think it was ok to see KISS - general admission - with my brother and his friends when I was in 6th grade! Considering... I guess I turned out ok.

superdave524 said...
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superdave524 said...

John in Il 'splained it to me here. I had to refer back to it a few times to get it, but it's easy now.

Chase Squires said...

Go Jamie, how 'bout that for Colorado? First female, beat Roger's best friend, Karno!

Littleton is a suburb of Denver, we're way proud, I emailed the local paper, we'll see if they even mention it ...

Roger said...

Huge Props to Jamie! Not only does she "chick" the most annoying man in ultra running, she also snaps off the most annoying female in ultra running. Uh, Pam Reed in case you're wondering.

Go Jamie! Go Colorado!