Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm Back, and I'm Still Slamin'!

Hey guys! I'll post wonderful pictures, horrendous rants, insightful thoughts and all that jazz when I get my computer back from School (The public library doesn't need to have a record or my thoughts on Greg on the boys at Western States!) but for now know:
1) I'm safe, un-incarcerated
2) Home
3) Still alive and kicking in the slam.
4) I'm overwhelmed by the good wishes and then condolences I received of and having to do with Western States! Starting this quest was the best emotional (and the worst financial) decision that I ever made! I love you all, inspiring, awesome, huge baby huge!!!!

Here's the letter from Stan and Steve of the Grand Slam committee telling me that I can still complete the Slam by running the Arkansas Traveller 100 on October 4 (do they know that that's my race! Come on Miami Ink, fire up the needles and get the ink mixed!):

Note that unlike Western States, they are able to offer refunds, even though they are on a shoestring budget! Steven and Stan, you rock!!!!

To: 2008 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Entrants
From: Steve Baugh
First let me say that I know you are disappointed about the cancellation of Western
States. I share with you that disappointment. You’ve all made a great commitment
mentally, physically and financially toward completion of the Grand Slam.
Last night I was able to meet with the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Committee. We had a
long and thoughtful discussion on what to do with this year’s Grand Slam Award. I feel
like we have come up with a good alternative for you as outlined below.

Option # 1. We will allow a full refund to any 2008 slammer who requests one by July
16th, 2008 (Just prior to the Vermont 100). After that date there will be no refunds and
we will assume you are planning to complete the slam. Refund requests should be in
writing by mail (Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, 796 South 980 East, Pleasant Grove, Utah
84062 or email (stevebaugh@uaiia.org) with an address where you would like the check
sent. We will not accept a rollover for Slam entry to 2009. We would rather refund and
start over next year. Anyone requesting a refund will no longer be eligible to receive the
2008 Grand Slam Award. Withdrawing from the Grand Slam will have no effect on your
status with the other three Grand Slam races. You will need to check with each of those
races individually should you desire to cancel your entries with them.

Option #2. We are pleased to offer an alternative run which would be the 4th leg of the
Grand Slam for 2008. The Arkansas Traveller 100 will be the official alternative for the
2008 slam. It will be held on Oct 4th & 5th, four weeks after the Wasatch Front 100. The
Arkansas Traveller is a quality 100-mile run with a rich tradition and history. 2008 will
be their 18th running. You can print off an entry form by going to www.runarkansas.com.
We are appreciative of Chrissy and Stan Ferguson, the AT 100 Race Directors, for their
willingness to allow any slammers to continue with their quest to complete the 2008
Grand Slam. They will also allow us to have time at their awards ceremony to recognize
successful Grand Slammers on their accomplishment.

This offer will be allowed only to the 37 runners who are currently entered into the Grand

As with any decision such as this, not everyone will be happy. We’ve considered all
options and feel we have offered fair alternatives. Thanks for your patience and your
interest in the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.
Steve Baugh
Grand Slam Coordinator


Just me said...

Yes, kudos to Chrissy and Stan - although they sort of have a vested interest...they're Slamming as well.

Glad you're back A'man, and we will anxiously await a full report with pictures and all!

AndyMan said...

Ok, Just Me, I'm on my way over to use you're computer! Mine's in the school's paws until July 7th, GatorFan's B'day and well.... date of passing as well (just kidding... sorta :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, you remembered my birthday(with small tear of appreciation running down my cheek)(unless, of course that sounds really queer, in which case I will deny it under oath).


Star said...

Hey, sorry to hear about the WS debacle. I hope you can adjust your thinking to the New Slam. Look at it this way: you'll be one of the only runners to do the Vermont-Leadville-Wasatch-Arkansas Grand Slam!

And welcome back to the the glorious heat and humidity that Florida has to offer.

The Professor said...

Welcome home...I can't begin to tell you how bummed I was when I head the news :-(

So I heard that Anciet Oakes was the second choice for the slam replacement...too bad they didn't choose that one!!!

(What? Is it too soon for jokes like that?)

AndyMan said...

I still love ya Prof! I could do the Arkansas Slam with the Ancient Oaks kicker!

Arlene said...

Glad to read that you are still in good spirits. I don't know how I would have handled it. At least they are offering an alternative and refund if wanted.

Welcome back to lazy, crazy, and certainly hazy F-L-A!

superdave524 said...

Let's see... an eleventh and a nineth place finish at Arkansas, right? Please don't throw me into that briar patch!

AndyMan said...

That's what I'm saying SuperD! I swear I did not set those fires, but if they had to cancel.....