Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Down, and 8 to G-G-Go!

Another one's gone and another one's gone, and another one bites the dust!

Knocked out the letter G today. Well yesterday and today. Yesterday, I fared pretty well with a 33 miler at Croom. Today just by starting I earned my letter G. When I could have slept, but I didn't, I got up and got moving down the road. I had to meet my great friends Becky and Candi for a 12 mile run. 33 + 12, that's 45 in two days, not bad, letter worthy for sure.

The first to call was Becky, "tired from yesterday, gonna hit the gym."
No problem, 30+ yesterday, darm good, besides it's me that's slammin' not you.

Next was Candi, more serious call. Got a foot issue, it's contagious, we can trace it back to Roger. Roger bequeathed it to me, I passed it on the Star, she gave it to Candi. Geez, we gotta kill this footie thingy. Anyway, Candi's 20 something left her on the gimpy side, so I was on my own.

My 12 at Old Fort King Trail turned into 17 hilly miles at Croom. I ran up and down, I walked a bit, I listened to music and I got in my 50 in two days. I got my G!

These are down: In The G
These to go: R-A-N-D and S-L-A-M.

Youuu Go Boooyy.


superdave524 said...

put a couple of those letters together, you go a g-string. Course, really don't need that visual...

AndyMan said...

And as of now, I got "Thing E." Hey, what's that thing e over there?
Or if you have to choose between 5 things and you don't know what they are you can choose Thing E.

Of course if you just want a little of him you could ask for a Ting he. Enough, go to work!

Roger said...

Yesterday you asked if anyone could help with mountain training for the Slam. I shall try.

I will be going up to my house in Blue Ridge for a 3-4 day training blitz in a couple of weeks. You are most welcome to join me. I can hook you up with more mountains than you know what to do with. Paste the following link into your browser if you want to see pictures of the place. I will be driving up on Thursday morning and returning on Sunday (May 8-11). Of course, I have blocked off those dates so that the rental company leaves the place open for me.

It's a cool place and the running is awesome. Let me know. If anyone else wants a piece of the action, woody? dan? candi? Jon? Vermonters? whoever, let me know. I can accomodate a large group but overflow will be relegated to air mattress sleeping.

AndyMan said...

Color me in!

Star said...

You hit the G spot on! hahaha (Come on, someone HAD to say it!)

AndyMan said...

Star, it would have been the title, but ... Well, er, I'm a shy one, I am.