Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Imperfect 10

Today is 10 weeks to the day until Western States. 70 Days to get ready for the mountains.

Wow, can I do it? I can give 'er a go, I'll tellyouthatrightnow!

My keys to success:

#1- Get my darn foot fixed! It's a lot better. I was able to run 33 on it today. Oh, it hurt, but I made some dumb errors (as opposed to the smart ones.) It feels ok now, but I'd really rather not have it hurt like hello-operator! everytime I lace them up, you know?

#2- Lose a pound or 15. Lighter is better in the mountains. My clothes fit well, I look good (for me) hence, I know I'm heavy (and I'm his brother.) How to do this? Fewer brewski's (quitting, I don't think so, they can have my last beer when the pry it from my cold dead fingers!) And No more sweets. That starts right now, today. No more of Amelia's M & M's from School (I was trying to cut way back by tossing the W's away, then someone showed me how to turn it around, and BAM, they were all M's again!)
#3- Hello, run hills! Hill Kings. Go visit Chase. Go visit SuperDave (he doesn't actually have any hills, but when we get to drinking the Scotch, well it feels like we're moving up hill.. in the wind... in an earthquake.) Repeats at Julie's. Twice a week, I need those quads and hammies to be Oak!

#4- Rob a bank! Why? That's where the money is! I'm a little short for Wasatch, and to actually get a car and living quarters for Western States.

If you can help me with any of these, God love ya!


Star said...

1. If you find a screw-on foot, let me know. I can use a good one myself.
2. Ahh the endless struggle for us slow-twitch people
3. You got the Hillstreet blues?
4. Take up a donation

In other words: put down that bag of M&M's, get on your bike in San Ann on Sun and Wed, and then offer a bike-wash after (in your bikini top of course) to earn some $$$. You'll be set!

Dr. Maguse said...

i'm bringing cookies tomorrow.

AndyMan said...

Mags, cookies. Good, test me, I won't have any you'll see. I am a rock! Temptation, I scoff, ha! No cookies for me!

(what kind?)

Dr. Maguse said...

well, i borked down and ate 'em whilst watching they live. what's borked down?

AndyMan said...

Borked down, of and having to do with Justice Robert Bork, he almost made the supreme court and was known for his love of Cookies.

Challenge me!

superdave524 said...

I thought a bork was one of those plastic combo-utensils...

Dr. Maguse said...

if i had that last name, i'd bork myself

AndyMan said...

If you could bork yourself you'd never have to leave the house.

Dr. Maguse said...

i know. that would be great.