Sunday, April 27, 2008

GR, that's What I'm Talking About!

I don't really want or need a letter, but how can I not give myself one?

I ran: 9 on Friday. 20 on Saturday. 27 on Sunday. And they were all good miles.

So, here's how it stands: In the GR
Just need AND before Western States on June 28 and I'll pick up the SLAM at the races themselves.

Also earning letters this weekend: Becky. Wow is she getting in GREAT shape. Saturday 30 at Croom. Sunday 22 + of hills! That's a letter! She's training for Vermont, so that's a V

Tracy also did my awful course today. We did the 5 mile start loop at Croom, then to test our mental fortitude I took her 20 on the road. Total 25 for her (I did 2 extra trail miles.) We have to get her to pace herself a little better, but girl can fly! We did fast run, walk, fast run, walk, usually, I put the diesel in low gear an chug away. This was different, challenging and letter worthy! Tracy is also training for Vermont, so we give her a V as well.

Ok, Let's go capture them letters make 'em ours, and by the time we have our words, we'll be in tippy-top shape!


superdave524 said...

Okay, you told me about a couple of your girls, but there are two more I want to know about: Ali in the dances and your State qualifier. C'mon, Bro-hime, don't hold out.

AndyMan said...

It's updated, and the results, not bad at all!