Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where does Yours End?

This is the key to my life, I won't let comfort limit my imagination. What's that mean? I believe that to be truly happy you have to be willing to risk it all, including your comfort.
Congratulations to my good friends Chuck and Arlene. They ran Boston yesterday in 4:00:36 & 4:00:32 (and that included two potty stops!)

As Chuck nears 57 Years old, he can still qualify for Boston and still hot foot it around town with kids less than 1/2 his age. Shoot, I remember when people retired at 55, not my man Chuck. No shuffle board for him. How about Boston baby! Way to Go Chuck!

Arlene has made herself a great runner. Running 26.2 miles is not comfortable for her, and I promise you there were many people along the way that never thought she could do it. Arlene has battled asthma and genetics and beat them both down. And guess what? Arlene is a two-time Boston finisher! Oh, and her latest effort has qualified her again. Comfort is for the mediocre, Arlene, you are extraordinary!

Hey, we all know some of these people. Why can't you be these people? No it won't be easy. Yes you will lose some sleep. Yes it will often hurt. No, it won't be comfortable. But, it will be worth it, right Arlene?

Just so you know, your marathon could be a PhD. Your marathon could be a 10K. Your Marathon could be a new job, a dance class, but take a risk.
Way to Go!

Put down the remote. Forsake the controller, Get UnComfortable!


Chase Squires said...

But I hate to neglect my couch, so many Naugas gave up their hides for it ...

AndyMan said...

Er, don't really apply to you Chaser...

superdave524 said...

Right on, A-Man! You've sold me on Fight Club, too. The scene with Brad holding a gun on the chinese laundry dude and saying he'd kill him if the dude didn't follow his dream of vet school is right on the money. Hadn't exactly figured my dream out, but, shoot, I'm only 47!

Chase Squires said...

Great line from a really underrated and underappreciated album by Jensen Bell (www.jensenbell.com) .... "set fire to everything/that keeps your life/from happening") ...

That's part of why we just said what the hey and moved to Colorado ... "smartest thing I ever did, Clark"

Arlene said...

Gosh, I think that I am going to cry! Thanks guy!

My apologies for waking you up on Monday night to tell you the good news. Yup, it had been hard. And yes, there were the naysayers. But I knew that I could do it and I am the only one that matters.

Back to enjoying my running! I already signed up for a half-marathon in January. The price was right (halfs are also cheaper than marathons, and the Andy Man can appreciate the cost savings!)

Thanks for being a part of this career of mine; we gotta get that brewsky or First Watch potatoes to celebrate (no M&Ms!)

AndyMan said...

Let's go for the Brewski!
And way to GO!