Friday, April 25, 2008

Song of the Week 13: Sad But True

Sad, but true, and it isn't whining, it just is.

I've trained for 11 100 mile races. I've completed 10. I have enjoyed every step.... but here's a sample of the song of the week from Donna The Buffalo.

All I want to do is wake up
Return to the living kind
But everything seems to want to hurt this time

The song is, "Seems to Want to hurt this time."

For complete lyrics check this site:

Damn I wish it wasn't true. I haven't had a pain free step in maybe three months. I say that, but I do think the foot is getting much better. Shoot, it's been handling 70 miles a week for the last few weeks. Of course, now I've got a wicked shin splint in the opposite leg. But I'll handle the foot then I'll attack the shin and voila! I'll be good as new.

Just as an aside, I picked up a new little nugget this am as well.

Turns out that the body can go the following distances between pit stops the next morning after different kinds of beans:
Re-fried: 3 careful miles
Black- 6 Miles
Red- EXACTLY 9 miles
Garbonzo- 0 Eat these in the bathroom only!


superdave524 said...

Uh, Ange, I'm not sure what you were listening to, but, um, I, personally, myself, I dint actually hear any words.

AndyMan said...

Yeah, sorry, that is the song, but youtuber didn't have anything with the words, feel free to sing those few over and o'er again whilst the music plays.

Arlene said...

Thanks for that helpful information about the beans! I will definitely refer to it when I run my next half.

Have you done any research on Baked Beans?

Thanks in advance.

Dr. Maguse said...

I was excited to read "Sad but True" was your song. Then after a few lines (and the youtube image), I realized you weren't talking about the Metallica song. BOOOOO