Monday, April 7, 2008

Gentleman Jim Leads the Way

Gentleman Jim Sullivan was omitted in the previous Umstead post. All he did was lead the FU charge. Way to go Jim! 24:14.

I asked Jim his favorite part of the race, and hand to God, he said, the afternoon was a delight. I AM NOT KIDDING. So of course I had to post this:
(Er, actually, I haven't talked to Jim, I just thought this was funny)

We also got Spencer's result: 28:07. 1st 100 mile finish. (Hey Spence, what happened to Claude? Didn't see his name.)
G'Ville's Tom Mueuller: 27:44

My man the Professor is sending pix soon.

Gawd, I hated missing that one. Makes me want to train it on up though.


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Dr. Maguse said...

great song, but still don't care for that film.