Saturday, April 26, 2008

UPDated: State Track, Dancer Tryouts, Croom and Robin Hood

I attended 'em all in the last 24 Hours.

Dancer Tryouts: Ali Mathews is on the TC Dance Team! 25 new girls tried out, she was one of only three incoming Freshman and 5 new overall that made the team. It was nerve racking, I'm glad it's over!

Mari, was seeded 16th of 16 at the State Pole Vault Competition. She finished 12th. Great Job for this eager Freshman.

I'm bushed! You'll get to hear about it later, for now, a little nap, then the coaches prom, complete with door prizes!


Lynne said...

Andy, congrats on losing three pounds in just a couple days.

Way to go !

superdave524 said...

Looking forward to the report...