Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Been Too Long!

Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

Saw the Professor today when Candi, Tracy and I ran 25 out at Croom. I sneaked (sneak, snake, snuk?) this picture of his heel; battered from his 100 MILE run at Umstead. He looked good, his heel looked like ... well there it is above. Yoikes!
Star was nice enough to provide a link to an equally gross blister picture from her Umstead album for us.

Why do you guys do this to yourselves? Are you nuts gluttons for punishment?
See, that's how a normal person thinks, and that's how I was thinking looking at that oozing ped attached to the Professor.
This is a clear sign that it's been too long since I've done a race of any length. Plantar or no (besides, the Good Doctor has forbid me from further whining), I'm doing the 34-mile trail run just north of Columbia, SC on Sunday, May 4. And prior to that I'm in for a night run.

I was not at all jealous of that big old blister, it just looked painful. I've gotten soft. Tomorrow for breakfast a big bowl of nails, a glass of drain-o, mixed in sour milk with an onion and a raw egg, and off to meet Becky for a trail run!

Super D, bust out the air mattress, I'm coming.... soon, but I think I'll leave the camera at home!


superdave524 said...

Ewww, raw eggs! The air mattress is ready but you gotta bring the camera.

Chase Squires said...

Is it me, or does this Andy guy just sort of travel around the country, counting on the kindness of strangers?

AndyMan said...

Strangers? Come-on. A freeloader? Yes. A tight-wad? Yes. But I count on the kindness of those that know and loathe me very well!

Anonymous said...

Chase, I think what you meant is "the kindness of people who are strange."

AndyMan said...

Well said Anon! I was thinking the same thing, but I'm way too nice (darn I didn't think of it first) to say it!

Arlene said...

At least when you ran the marathon with me, I made sure that you had a nice bed in a reputable hotel to sleep in.

Only the best for the AndyMan!