Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Go FU at Umstead

Florida Ultrarunners are very well represented at the Umstead Ultra in N.C.

Word as of 13 hours into the race:
Andrea finished the 50 Mile race in 11:02
Julie, had to drop at 38 due to a knee issue.
Scott Boe, Woody, Adam, Claude and Spencer were still going strong. All through the 50 mile point in less than 12 hours.

I miss them. I'm thinking of them, and I wish I was there.



superdave524 said...

Good job, Star! The rest of y'all run tough.

Chase Squires said...

Hey Star, TOLD YA, you'd do fine ... hell, you're on a pace to do a sub 24 100! See you at The Bear in October? ! :-)

The Professor said...

27:08 for my virgin hunnert miler...I guess it really does hurt the first time.

Just me said...

Congratulations, Prof! With that out of the way, Vermont should be a piece of cake!

How does Tracy feel?

Star said...

Uhh...correction: 11:00:32. Let's just get that right :) I am the QUEEN of the oh-one, remember?

The Professor, Woody, Scott, Jim, Chuck and Julie (to a certain point) looked good and strong. I had no doubts they'd GO 100!

Hey, since the Prof doesn't have his own blog, maybe he can write his report on yours...just a thought (you could even charge him for blog-space!). I can't wait to hear what happened out there in the wee small hours of the morning! He wasn't in the mood to talk with me in the hall at 9:00am this morning...I can't imagine why!

CONGRATS to all the FUR's! We wish the rest of you had been there with us. Thanks to you all for being such strong athletic supporters!

superdave524 said...

It's the jock's trap.