Friday, April 4, 2008

Song of the Week #10, Don't Do It!

Don't do it, Don't Start it up!

Did you do it? I don't know why I choose this one, cause I really hate the Rolling Stones. I liked them when they were still in their young 50's, now it's time, time for them to go away. Oh, and selling every one of their songs to coperate America didn't help my opinion of them.

But I guess if I had 24 billion dollars then I'd want 25 billion dollars and I'd sell out to the devil too. Mick, isn't it time for you to "Join the Night Shift?"

Just saying.

And I'm just asking, whose time has come? Who else would benefit us the most by joining the Night Shift? Ok, Here's my three:
Fred Thompson, "Hell son, I'd piss on a sparkplug if I thought it would help." from War Games.
Bill Shatner, yeah, I like his music, but his Priceline Commercials alone put Shat on my Night Shift list.
And of course, Mick, see above.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Woody Allen and Larry King (course I haven't checked the obits today, they may already be on the Night Shift!)
It's OB, I couldn't remember my sign in.

AndyMan said...

Er, thanks, you could have walked down the hall and told me, and I think I know who you're third is, but I aint saying!

Dr. Maguse said...

i put this song on the cd for you. thanks!!!!
OB, today's the second day i'm covering your ass, er, class.

AndyMan said...

Yeah, but Mags, who's on your "Night Shift" Wish List?

I'm guessing... Jack. Burt Reynolds and.... the dude that cut you off on your commute this morn. Any?

Dr. Maguse said...

not jack!!!!!!!!!!
Burt, yes
the clintons, yes
michael moore, yes
sam waterston, yes
and a bunch of others

AndyMan said...

Well I just thought you wanted to remember Jack from anything but that picture of him at beach. He's an old icon. Just saying.

Your choice of the Clintons was too obvious, I didn't think you'd go there (well, I suspected)

Sam Waterson- Good choice!
Michael Moore- Another good one, and I'm a stinking liberal!
While we're at it, do we put Ollie Stone on the list.

Dr. Maguse said...

that photo of jack was a fake. i swear someone used photoshop on him. he wasn't that fat at the last oscars

kevin is going to join this list if he doesn't start appearing in better films

AndyMan said...

Costner or Bacon? Francis Bacon is already on the list.

superdave524 said...

Jack, definitely. Fred, definitely. John McCain. Woody, yeah.

Gary Busey.

David Hasselhoff. Pamela Anderson Lee something else Lee (not technically old. Technically).

I'd say Bob Dylan, but his music is actually still pretty good.

Robert Deadford. Dude needs to take a cue from Butch Cassidy and age gracefully.

Ozzie (if he's not actually a member of the "living dead").

Jerry Garcia. Oh, wait, he's already dead. Wonder if he's grateful?

Dr. Maguse said...

Costner, yes
jimmy carter

AndyMan said...

Ozzie a zombie, I love it. SuperD good choices!

Mags, we can't frag Carter! Come on, who's going to build all those habitat homes? Who's going to represent the country in a positive light? Nope, long live Jimmy, best ex-Pres, since.... well, ever I reckon.

Roger said...

Maybe he's just Ozzie to you guys but to me he's OZZY and he still rocks as proven by his last release. Bob Dylan, there is no doubt that he is STILL cranking out great songs (his "prime" has lasted over 45 years and counting). I have to agree with just about every other name on the list...

Dr. Maguse said...

we wouldn't have peanuts

AndyMan said...

Some good ones from Candi and Lynne:

Candi: Donnie and Marie

Lynne: Donald Trump (I think his hair already joined!)

Lynne said...

Hugh Hefner

superdave524 said...

Hef, definitely. Used to look cool with all those young chicks, now he just looks creepy. Reminds me of the stripper in the old-folks' home. She went up to all the old dudes, flashed them and said, "Super Sex!", to which the old fellas generally responded, "Well, if it's all the same to you, I think I'll have the soup".

Anonymous said...


Anne Coulter

AndyMan said...

Charlton Heston. He used to be an actor, he died a crotchedy old coger and orny cuss with bad politics. RIP.