Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Time to Quit Slammin' and Buckle Down!

It is time to quit Slamming, and Buckle down. Now that we are only, hold on, let me check the link to Western States on the right side of my blog..... Schmitz! Only 72 days from the 5 AM, start at Squaw Valley, for the Western States' Endurance Run; it's time for me to focus on this here one thing:
Time to focus on that beautiful Western States Belt Buckle. I cannot and I will not finish the Slam if I don't first finish Western States.
This is no small order, and I'll get in to the details more later. Suffice to say that about 1/2 of the well trained Florida runners, and zero of the rest of them, we send up and over there finish Western States.
The silver buckle above, awarder to runners finishing in less than 24-hours, is mine from 2005. This is the last silver one awarded to a Florida runner. That's really misleading because my buddy, the great Florida runner, Jon Docs, beat me by an hour in that race, so he received the 2nd to last silver buckle. Many Florida runners have finished since 05, but none in under 24, those runners between 24 and 30 hours get a bronze buckle. I didn't think much about it then, I do now. I believe before my feet problems I was on track to go under 24 again. Now, I'll just be happy to finish. Oh, I'm going to work at getting in U-24 shape, but it isn't my main goal. Just finish baby, just finish.
Gawd, it seems so hard. 100 Miles. How? I don't know. 100 Miles in the Mountains? I really don't know. 100, 200, 300, 400, I really, really, don't know.
Baby steps AndyMan, worry about today's run, worry about the weekend. Work your plan, run Western States, don't run four at once, run only one. Geez, Help! Andrea, work me in I'll pay you, I'm going crazy. It's too much, I'm up in flames!!!!
Sorry, Andy went away, scared the hell out of myself, shoot, I'm doing it again.
BUCKLE DOWN AndyMan, for Pete's sake buckle down!


Anonymous said...

It's possible, just possible, you are a little screwed up.

Star said...

Oh my gosh...Jon actually let you TOUCH his WS buckle???

The Professor said...

Forget paying should hire yourself an economist!!! I can tall you all about multivariate regression analysis of the law of diminishing marginal utility when applied to autonomous forward motion.

Chase Squires said...

Yeah, Aman, what the prof said!

Roger said...

That Professor stuff is INSPIRING! Makes me want to get out to the trail early and secretly take a nap in my car while everyone else runs.

Lynne said...

Star, cute mug shot !

Tell me what are you drinking, it looks good.

Michelle said...

Hey Slammin' Tentman!
You are going to dominate Western States AndyMan!! Believe it. I do!!

Love to the dancing Ali-cat.

Michelle & Speedy Sierra

Star said...

I see the prof still has unorganized thinking two weeks following his 100-miler. You might want to see someone about that.

Lynne: Its actually ice pre-race treat before IM Austria last year :)

AndyMan said...

Hey Mischa Red Blurr, tell Star that that's my belt buckle, I just don't wear it everywhere, you know I'm what you call modest, it's part of what makes me so AWESOME!