Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yoikes! Guess What?

Guess what Homey has:

Well, here are a few pix, to guide you:

And the wisdom in the world of running/exercise/foot care, says take anti-inflammatories (I'm down with that.) Also, some various stretches (I'm DWT there too), Taping (DWT), Roll foot on a frozen H20 Bottle (DWT), roll foot over a golf ball (DWT.)

So, no problem right?

'Cept there are also these gimics:

And the recommended 4-6 months off, of running. Yeah, I have only one thing to say to that cheese:

Yeah, I'm going to take the week off of running, but that's it. I've got a slam to complete, can't get ready for that by not running. Besides, I have a pain management system to deal with these little set back. I do the Nancy Regan thing with pain. I Just Say No! to pain.
Step One: Don't think about the pain
When step one proves ineffective
Step Two: Don't let the pain in. I know you're there, I hear you knocking, but I won't be letting you in.
When step two fails:
Step Three: Acknowledge the pain, but turn off the brains pain transmitters. Ok, it hurts, I get it, but I'm really too busy running right now, so I'll just turn off those sensors for now.
When step three fails:
Step Four: Cry. Then repeat steps 1-4.

Lot's tears for 200 days, I can do it, no problem! (Ok, maybe I'm a little worried)


Chase Squires said...

Aman, I wore the "strasbourg sock" at night, the thing that you wear at night that hooks your toe to your calf ... it works. I swear.

AndyMan said...

Ok, I'm ordering one today! Er, tonight, right after I set the clocks ahead (I only have two, alarm and car, not so bad)

How much time did you take off?

Just me said...

Sometimes they have the strasbourg sock at The Running Center on DM. Definitely ice, golf ball, stretch. As you don't have a lot of time to "just be conservative", I'd suggest seeing a dr. (Dr. David Leffers and his PA, Larry Collins, are THE BEST! But, don't tell Dr. L you're a friend of mine - he's likely to just shake his head.) They can prescribe PT and/or iontophoresis (like cortisone, but much less painful). I'll show you some different taping techniques.

Arlene said...

I got one roll of tape left from when I had it. It still sticks! We can meet for a brewski and I can give it to you. I'd meet you for some First Watch potatoes, but you don't need potatoes if you can't run to burn them off!

Always thinking about my friends!

AndyMan said...

Tape, yes I'll need tape.

And Just me, sorry, you're my doctor, I went to another once, didn't end so well :-(

Lynne said...

Promise us you will see Dr. L ASAP.

I'm still trying to find a good reason to see him (again) :)

Dr. Maguse said...

I see you finally got that tattoo! (Depp head photo)

AndyMan said...

I saw the good Doctor today. I have the advice.

As for the tatoo, that's Johnny's, not mine!

Dr. Maguse said...

Duh. I'm still going with you when you get yours.

superdave524 said...

Shoot, A-man's Tattoo always pointed out "da-plane!".

Chase Squires said...

so, how was the movie?

Lynne said...

Superdave, since AMan is currently incapacitated, you have the responsibilty to fill his shoes.

BTW, how many miles did you run last week ?

AndyMan said...

The movie was funny as heckfire! Vantage Point was just OK.

Just me said...

OK, but wouldn't Johnny want to spend some time in TT, too?

superdave524 said...

Let's see, Lynne... two on Monday, one and a half on tuesday, two on wednesday, two on thursday and four on Saturday. That'd be... I mean, that's... Well, I'm hoping to run more next week (but it's criminal court and I may not get in all the milledge I'd like. One good thing about low mileage is the only Planter's I've got to deal with are dry roasted.

AndyMan said...

Hey Just me,
I don't know about TT, I don't think Orlando is a reference to a city, but what do I Bloomin' know?

Lynne said...

Dave, sounds like you are off to a good start. Did you add up last months mileage ? I'm sure you will exceed that this month, especially with the two extra days.

And I know next weekend you will surprise yourself.

Star said...

Hmmm, running 60+ miles a week, using no form of cross-training, rarely resting, running in your hood (most likely on the cement), trying to keep up with your young track team...? Sorry Andy. I just can't put the puzzle together.

Oh, and I wasn't aware that golfing was a good tx for plantar!