Friday, March 21, 2008

Song of the Week #8, Slow Burn?

What is it?

It's this: Of Course if I say Trammp, SuperD already knows it, Chaser is thinking Charlie Chapman, which takes him to Robert Downey Jr, who looks like John Cusak, which makes him think that it's "Say Anything," But SuperD already knows that that isn't right.

Here it is:
And it is inspired by a call I just got from the Croom Forest Service, it seems like they are having a "controlled" burn at Croom today involving 1 - 2 miles of our Croom 50 race course (a section the runners will hit 4 times!) Don't worry the forest service said, "If ALL goes well, the fire should be out by dark tonight." Gee, we only need ALL to go well, no problems mate!

So, what was I gonna do use this song instead? NO WAY! I mean it's funny, but I'm not into explicit lyrics!

Anyway, aint that life? Our largest Croom Race ever (100 more than last year, and more still want in!) and they go all Anti-Smoky the B on me! What's a poor race director to do.

Well here are two thoughts:
1- Post your favorite/most appropriate, Smoke, Fire, song
2- Bring a healthy supply of these tomorrow:


One more tiny leedle thing. I'm going all official, "yeah, just put that over there. No, we'll have them on the web by Thursday. Not all packets are made the same, are all people made the same? Now drop and give me 20!" Race director now, so I won't be posting again till Saturday.


The Professor said...

What do my quads, the Croom Forest, and Syphilis all have in common?

AndyMan said...
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AndyMan said...

Prof, They are all burning. Burn Baby Burn! Now, what song would you have had me use?

And this goes for all of you, I'm out of action till Sunday, so I want at least 20 comments when I get back. We don't need no water let the MF burn!

superdave524 said...

Yes, the Trammps gave us Disco Inferno.

Here's more:

1) Sanford Townsend's Smoke from a Distant Fire

2) Billy Joel: We Didn't Start the Fire

3) Deep Purple: Smoke on the Water

4) The Platters: The Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

5) After the Fire: Der Kommisar

Alright, someone else's turn.

Dr. Maguse said...
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Dr. Maguse said...

That Bloodhound Gang song rocks! Just don't show that at school...

My Second Fav youtube video...

My legs are still burning from my workout yesterday, so I listened to this above song today on my bike ride. Now, I'm reading you were posting songs about fires and burning; I swear, Aman, we have the same thoughts.
Then I listened to this song, my all-time fav instrumental:

honorable mentions:
i'd be here all day listing 'em.

Chase Squires said...

Burnin' Down the House: Talking Heads ...

Yo, Race Director, how's about dustin' off that nifty camera your bro gave you and snapping some pics at the race, so those of us who miss the ol' Croom track can, you know, travel back in time ...

Just me said...

Chaser, that's a great song. But, I'm going with Fire by the Ohio Players. Or the song with the same name by Jimi Hendrix.

Dr. Maguse said...

Chase, I knew you'd say that song.

can't believe no one put:
Cash's "Ring of Fire"
or...Modern English's "Melt with You"

superdave524 said...

You just did!

superdave524 said...

Blue Oyster Cult: I'm Burnin' for You.

Jerry Reed: When You're Hot, You're Hot.

Ini Kamoze (okay, I had to look up the name): Here Comes the Hot Stepper.

Black Crows: Too Hot to Handle.

Chase? Mags? Prof? How 'bout ya, Star?

Dr. Maguse said...

The Doors "Light My Fire"
Cheap Trick "The Flame"
The Rolling Stones "Play with Fire"
The Police "I Burn for You"
Hillary Duff "Play with Fire"
R.E.M. "The One I Love" contains the word "fire"
R.E.M. "Fireplace," "Burning Down" and "Burning Hell"
The Bangles "Eternal Flame"

Okay, I really need to get a to the gym

superdave524 said...

Day-um, Mags!

The Professor said...

London's Burning - The Clash

my friend Amy said...

She comes down from Yellow Mountain
On a dark, flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire
With a whirlwind by her side-Michael Martin.
And my pick...

Arlene said...

Burning Love by Elvis

Just a hunka hunka burning love!

Or in your case, a race course!

superdave524 said...

Midnight Oil: Beds are Burning

Glen Frey: The Heat is On

Vangelis: Chariots of Fire Theme

Pointer Sisters/Bruce Springsteen/Elmer Fudd (Robin Williams): Fire

Dr. Maguse said...

Crazy World of Arthur Brown (with Palmer on drums) "Fire" and (therefore) ELP's version of "Fire" ...then there's Prodigy's version of "fire"

sunny48 said...

Shine Down: Burning Bright
Bad Company: Burning Sky
Bob Seeger: Fire Down Below
James Taylor: Fire and Rain
Marshall Tucker: Fire on The Mountain
Gap Band: Burn Rubber
John Mayer: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Shawn Colvin: Set the Prairie on Fire
Elton John: Burn Down the Mission

AndyMan said...

And this is a true story, our contact at the forest service was able to get the burn cancelled! All that, and no fire. Aint is sompin!

AndyMan said...

Ok, I loved Amy's video the best, so appropriate. And I'm a big Shawn Colvin fan, though I don't know that song (and of the 29 she has on you-tube, that isn't one), I can't imagine one more appropriate.

Now, SuperD and Mags, you guys rule, but get move of your parent's basement or garage. Go for a walk. Shoot a game... nah, we'd miss you too much!