Friday, March 28, 2008

Song of the Week #9, BTBW!

Big Toe's Black n White? No
Batman Tops Boy Wonder? No
Boring Tis Becoming Wild? No

Here is is:
I woke up and my motor was running, at least that's what I thought, turns out Harley was panting in my grill demanding a walk, so I showed him, I made it a run. Yeah, he loved it, I guess he's born to be wild!

Ok, so I don't have to bug yall with two posts today, you are dying to know what (I'm eager to tell you) what happened with my ped last light. Nothing. It was fine. As I told Becky and Julie (Davo no-showed due to a previous engagement he made after I invited him) "I wouldn't know that something was wrong with my foot if I didn't know something was wrong with my foot."

Any way, we did 10 miles on the hilly dirt road by Julies house and then finished it up by soaking our legs in the getting warmer pool and sipping a beverage.

And today, the foot is solid. Chapter Test: A+ I felt good, but I took it easy. The foot felt good, but I still wrapped that rascal and iced it and wore the evil sock to bed last night. Finals this weekend.


Dr. Maguse said...

yeah, that's what i'm talking about...this should be #1, though

AndyMan said...

Hey don't blame me blame Harley! And those guys were riding Harlies, wow, it all fits! Here's one you might also enjoy:

Love the first 1/2 Hate the second 1/2. The first 1/2 is the Knitters, and they are WAY COOL!

Dr. Maguse said...

too funny; what have you against death metal????

superdave524 said...

Mags, even I don't like deathmetal. It is a funny video, though.

Dr. Maguse said...

I listened to death metal along time ago for about a month...actually, there was only one band i liked...
now that's talent. yikes.

AndyMan said...

Mags, I imagine that... no I don't that's just not nice on my ears.