Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Rating

Ok, you know that Thursday I had my chapter test, a ten mile hill workout at Julie's (I earned an A+ :) and this weekend was my final exam.

Well, it went well. I almost studied too hard, I started on a run at Flatwoods on Friday, but Candi's advise sunk in, "Are you sure you want to run again on less than 24 hours rest with the weekend coming up." I wanted to, but I thought better of it, and after fighting traffic to get there, I ran one mile and then walked two.

So, what did I do. On Saturday, I ran 15 too fast miles which felt crappy, but the foot was solid. On Sunday I ran 10 slow miles which felt great, and the foot was ok.

So, what's my grade?

I'm giving myself an H. And that is Amy's suggestion, it's for working in my running, AFTER and AROUND, Ali's dance.

So here's the stats: In Th and this is where we are headed: e Grand Slam.
BTW, Foot Feels Good this morning, so I'm resting it, and heading for the Gym tonight.


Star said...

Oh, you're heading to the Grand Slam all right...and I don't mean at Denny's! (Or First Crotch, in your case). You're on your way my fine friend. In fact, isn't it like 80-odd days til WS???

Well, let me know if you need ideas for cross-training :)

Lynne said...

Star, don't forget you get to head over to First Watch next week and not feel guilty.

And, BTW, I liked your idea of stair climbing. Sounds like you have prepared yourself for whatever comes your way on Saturday !

my friend Amy said...

'Twas on the other coast last week, purposefully void of computers and did not know you already progressed a letter in said time. Congratulations on your "H"onors grade in the course that's most heavily weighted.
Does this mean you get to wear an NHS pin when you cross the finish lines?