Monday, March 24, 2008

Results, you Want Results? Amended

Roger Sutton #1 He's the Winner, numero uno, the Big-cheese, the top dog, king of the hill, if you aint Roger the scenery is all the same, yadda-yadda!

According to Dale Earnhardt Sr. Second place is just the first loser! So, after Roger the next person is just the first loser and so on and so forth!
Arggg, I suck like a really good Hoover at this!!! Roger, help!!!

And after Roger bailed my arse out, here's what went to Jim Hartnett, race sponsor, and I think you're gonna chuckle. I particularly like the use of the word "pint" instead of "point." I noticed it, but then I left it, it fit. Don't worry, Roger I gave you full credit (hey, if it's not right, I've shifted blame :)


Here is the file of the results for the ultra and for UltraRunning Magazine and for Trail Runner, all cleaned up. 15 Mile aint in there cause it's not an ultra.

Many Thanks, sorry it took so I long. Computer programs aren't my strenght. I think we figured out what my strength was this weekend. Drinking Pizza and eating Beer. (See that proves my pint about the computers!



The Professor said...

All I want is a cool nickname in the results...

AndyMan said...

Man, the list is CRYING for nicknames, alas, since the results are tied in to the photography thing, I'm not allowed to do it, but I dub the, Adam "zfamily" Gifford. Or Adam "Win one for the" Gifford. Or, lastly, Adam "You may be hot, but I'm Cooking" Gifford.

Roger said...

Andy, stop playing with your blog and check your email for the RESULTS that have magically appeared in your inbox...

Anonymous said...

How one does eat this bear and drink this pissa? I do not know these thing.