Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Croom Fools Finale

Straight from greater Raleigh, North Carolina come our two 50-Mile Winners! Hey, our winner is wearing Dirty Girl Gaiters, provided by the Dirty Girl herself, Xy Weiss. She's awesome. Staci, Roger moved down from Raleigh, I guess you'll have to as well! Staci's friend Allison ran the 16 mile run, then went back out and ran the last 7 with Staci. Staci found out that running 10 minute miles on the trails for 50 isn't very easy, but she still won almost meeting her goal time of 8 HOurs. She ran 8:21.

Here pictured is Roger Sutton winner of the men's 50-mile: href="http://bp.blogger.com/__giUnMFZ_1I/R-kbsIFQP8I/AAAAAAAABNY/8jn4mpg8OiY/s1600-h/roger2.jpg">
Roger's victory was special to many of us Florida UltraRunners. He is one of us. He's nice, he's generous, he's just fun. Roger is also often injured. He's signed up for like five 100 mile races, and he's never made it to the starting line. He's signed up again at Vermont, and Damn it, I hope he wins the race! If I wasn't running I'd love to pace him or crew for him. I know he can do it. Also neat about Roger's victory, his sister Jenny was there cheering him on! What a great sister. She was concerned for him while he was out there, she was happy for him when he finished, Roger and Rusty are lucky to have a sister like Jenny! My brother would do the same for me, he's a great brother, so I pick up on stuff like that.

Also, Woody had a great run. I should photoshop in a beer to replace that Boost, but
that's now what the camera saw, so..... Woody finished in 8 1/2 hours. He was so happy and we are happy for him. He said, "I didn't know I had another sub-nine in me! Woody, tough as you are, you'll go sub-nine in your 70's! Great job.

And here's a picture Chase will find familiar. Dan the Man in a car. But this time Chaser, it's an accomplished, not a defeated, Dan! He was just over 9 hours, and he ran like a champ! Notice the mug in Dan's hand. It's a finisher's mug baby. Dan the Man, Dan the Man, Dan the Man!

There are so many stories, I met a really nice runner from PA, Alisa, she is doing Badwater this summer. VEry cool. I'm not going to tell you about the Jax couple the Clarkes, who simultaneously passed out after finishing in the 50 in 11:43+ I was happy for Kevin Grogan winning the 50K, he was flying! 3:33:33.

It was fun. Thank you all. If I knew how to do links I'd put a link to the finally finished results. Maybe Roger can help me with that too! I'm a maroon!!!! Love you all. Out!

Staci's bud, Alison!

And the Rain came down.

Marla's PR, too fast for the camera!

Bob Pope, and Richard Valentine seeking a little, "Shelter from the rain."


Chase Squires said...

Awesome pics, almost makes me wish I was back in Florida ... almost. :-)

Dan, well ... Dan looks a lot like somebody I wouldn't want to meet in the woods! "You got a purty mouth..." Eeep!

Great runs, all.

Nice pix, too.

AndyMan said...

I have a cute lil video, but it's giving me fits!
Was fun! (what am i sayin' it sucked raw eggs, but it's fun lookin' back on it!)

Just me said...

Chaser, Next year, you come and run. We'll put your face on the race shirt and then you'll win the race. Worked for Roger!

Star said...

Hey, how'd The Professor and Maryann do? Oh, and Dr. Frank?

AndyMan said...

Great Questions:
Marriane beat the Prof by 12 minutes. they both did well and won mugs. 5 hours flat.

Dr. Fank, he was the man. Steady as a Rockmaninov. 10:01:11

Jon Docs was fifth overall. 1st for 40-49.

I would have won, but the RD is an absolute Jerkfacepumpkinhead and wouldn't let me run!

The Professor said...

I let her beat me...I was tapering for Umstead ;-)

And I think our times were more like 6 hours, but I'll be happy to take credit for 5.

Roger said...

I really love that ultra runners "taper" by running a 31 mile race two weeks before a 50 mile (or 100 mile) race. I've also done it. Last year, Mr. Wedge and I did a leg rattling run of nearly 5 hours on the AT a mere 9 days before the Croom 50 mile. The illogic of it makes me laugh very hard, which is a great AB workout. I don't try to think to much about tapering anymore. If I feel good, I run hard, if I don't, I rest until it feels good again. It's so simple a runner can do it.

superdave524 said...

Good stuff, Ange. And thanks for the kinds words. Course, you'll recall, I'm a willing crew member, but not an especially good one. "So, how's the run so far, Spike? Huh, Spike? Huh?"

Chase Squires said...

SuperD ... "Ya know where is it a cat?"

"'cause you an' me is pals .. "

superdave524 said...

I liked Spike's toothpick.