Saturday, March 22, 2008

No, I'm A Fool! Croom Recap.

Ok, my bud Jim Hartnet has to hate me by now. He puts on some great races. People love the races he stages but most of them have a much shorter time frame than the soft 12-hour time limit we give to the 50-Milers at the Fools Run. He has to hate me because Croom is one long day! Twelve (which like it always does, turned out to be 13) hours of running to the athletes means about 48 straight for the race staff.

Ok, I got one hour of sleep last night, and have been working since 4 AM, it's now 10 till 10, so I'm going to bed, right now.

look for the race post tomorrow.

Thanks for a great race, Andy Mathews


Chase Squires said...

Look at it this way, you've completed your WS work requirements!

Congrats on pulling it off! Good job.

The Professor said...

Yeah...can I speak to your manager...I finished the race at 1pm yesterday and my results aren't posted yet...and where are my photos...where were the mylar blankets at the end...I want a medal...I didn't like the flavor or free Hammer Gel that I received...why was it so humid.

Actually, the race was absolutely PERFECT!!!!! Just think, now you can relax and let everyone else do the hard work at WS, VT, LD, and WA.

AndyMan said...

Yeah, now, it's bon-bon's and fiddle-faddle till the cows come home! Oh, schmitz, I still have to put everything away, ah screw it!