Thursday, March 6, 2008

The I

When training for Arkansas in 2006 I employed a motivational technique to keep me on track in my training. I was out for a long run one day and realized that I was spending mucho tiempo on negative energy. At times I would literally yell at myself to keep running (I guess that's what I do when there are no 10-Year Old kids around.) When I realized that I was going to be spending a lot of time alone I decided I should spend that time with someone that I loved, so I knew I had to start treating myself better.

What? Wait. Now he's talking about loving himself in the woods as motivation. What kind of story is this?

No, no, it's just about being kind to oneself.

Ok, I'll keep reading.

Anywho, when I realized that the negative energy was turning something I loved to do, trail running, into a negative experience, I thought of a way to employ positive motivation by rewarding myself with a letter of the name of the goal race with every exceptional or key workout while training for said race.

On Feb. 29 I received my I for In The Grand Slam. No, I didn't run that day. But as the good doctor (Dr. Candi Ashley) pointed out to me, lots of running needs lots of rest. And I knew she was right. When the realization came to me that my leap year was lucky not for the extra day of training in the year, rather for the extra day of rest. Then I realized, viola! the rest wasn't "Not Training," it was part of the training, and I did it exceptionally well on that day, so I knew I had the "I" for that workout!

So, if you rested exceptionally well recently, reward yourself with a letter, on me!


superdave524 said...

Oh, I!

Star said...

¡Ay Caramba! It took you how many years to figure that one out? Ay, Ay, Ay...

AndyMan said...

To figure out about the rest? Well, I'm just figuring it out. As I age and as my body breaks down. Used to be, up until this year even, I could just throw mileage at it and get better and better. Now, it's so much more of a science, and I'm not that darn smart!

As for the motivation tech. I think you should use it for Vermont. I would get excited about long runs because I knew it was a chance to "Earn a Letter."

If you need help, I have a dictionary, between the too of us, oui can spell Vermount.

The Professor said...

I'll need plenty of motivation this summer when I'm not working and spending my days running in the mountains of New England. You just don't realize how difficult a 3 month vacation can be until you try one.

Star said...

I imagine you're not good at resting...but that's something we can discuss in my office, for a fee. As for earning letters, Vanna, I'd like to but a vowel: an eye of course.